Wyoming Exploration

Wyoming has a way of taking a person back in time, being out on the trails seeing the scenery and wildlife is what many of us grew up with while spending weekends with our parents in Jeeps, on trips to the mountains or for a camping getaway. This event is a way of getting back to the simple roots of what wheeling and weekends used to be in a time gone by. A time when families used to spend time camping in tents, fishing in streams and having conversations and laughing around a campfire.

Those that attended were treated to the hospitality of the owners and staff at the Bear Lodge Resort http://bearlodgeresort.com as well as the scenic setting at elevations between 8,500 and 13,000 feet. The folks at Bear Lodge are used to catering to large groups for events like this and really know how to put on a good feed and keep the participants entertained at the end of the day. The plan for Friday night’s dinner was an outdoor BBQ and a bonfire with a local musician playing guitar but the plans were changed due to weather. Even with the last minute changes the staff was right on it and made quick arrangements to get the group fed. Last year’s event had live music as well with 3 bands and a dance floor making it a weekend of fun for the Jeep Jamboree participants.

One thing this part of the state and country are known for are the wide open spaces, the wildlife and the beauty of the outdoors. While out on the trails the groups were able to see Moose, Deer, Elk and even wild horses out in Wyoming’s wilderness. Not far from the famed Yellowstone National park this is a great event to tie into that summer vacation for the family to get in some wheeling, camping and one of the country’s best national parks .

This event is growing in popularity because the word is spreading about how well the food, the ambiance and the experience is. Many are amazed at how the mountains seem to go on and on. The trails wind in and around various lakes, historic spots like Tie Flume which has been in place for more than 100 years telling its story of an era gone by and once again exposing those to some of the history that makes the state what it is.

If you haven’t been to Wyoming I would highly suggest you add it to your list of places to see. It is one that will certainly leave a lasting impression on you!

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