Hi-Lift X-Treme Jack

When the staff at Jeep Lifestyles found out that we were going to be doing a review for the Hi-Lift® X-Treme jack we had plenty of offers for donor vehicles to do the installation on, each in hopes of getting the new jack. After some discussion on which vehicle would actually get the new mounting kit as well as the jack we decided that with what we had in store for our “pride and joy” 1948 Willy’s it would be the best candidate for the equipment.

Hi-Lift X-Treme Jack fully equipped to a Jeep

This write up is mostly going to be on the install as well as some of the features that separate this new generation of Hi-Lift® Jack from its predecessors. We also wanted to showcase this for another reason, many times people buy their first Jeep from our website and immediately they are looking to add accessories and ask us for advice on where they should start. Many want to now if they should invest in a winch, a lift kit, wheels, tires engine components and the list goes on. Often our first response is to answer the question with a question…… Do you have a Hi-Lift® Jack?  If the answer is no, we recommend one right off the start, specifically this brand. There are imitators out there and when it comes to depending on your equipment and tools to get you out of a bind and back home you don’t want to find out the hard way that you should have gotten the best in the industry first. There is a reason this company has been around as long as it has and continues to be one of the most recognized names in the wheeling community since it is such a versatile tool.

Some of the features that the new X-Treme Jack offers are the “top of the line” all-cast version with its charcoal metallic powder coat finish. The Gold Zinc-coated hardware and handle ensure these components are going to resist the elements and rust even under the most extreme use and harsh treatment that these jacks are put through. And to top that off the clamp-clevis of the standard Hi-Lift® has been replaced by the Winch-Clamp-Spreader Attachment making this jack is capable of:

Winching, spreading, or clamping up to 5,000 lbs.
One position for all winching, clamping and spreading positions.
The guys at Hi-Lift® were gracious enough to provide us with the 48” X-Treme Jack, a Handle Keeper, as well as the 4XRAC needed to mount the jack on our Willys. We immediately got the stuff unpacked and were ready to do the install.

Tools for Hi-Lift Jack assemblage:

The tools you will need to complete the install are simple hand tools.

  1. Electric Drill
  2. 9/32” High Speed Drill Bit
  3. (2) 7/16” Wrenches
  4. Center Punch
  5. T55 Torx Bit (if installing on a TJ or YJ Model Jeep)
  6. Tape Measure
  7. Hammer
  8. ¾” Wrench

Depending on what you intend to mount your jack to the install may be different in some areas so we will walk you through the installation process on our old Willys.

Insert ½” carriage bolt through the center hole in 4XRAC bracket (from the bottom).

Place 5/8” lock washer over the carriage bolt. Tighten ½ jam nut over the lock washer using a ¾” wrench. Repeat on second bracket.

Mount the Hi-Lift® Jack on your 4XRAC. Center the mounted jack on the bumper. Mark drill locations in center of slotted holes. Center punch the marked drill locations. Drill each hole using a 9/32” drill bit. (I always recommend that you start with a pilot bit and gradually work your way up in size, it saves on your drill bits and makes the job easier, even when drilling relatively small holes).

Remove the jack from the 4XRAC. Mount each bracket using ¼-20 x 1” bolts and nuts provided, leaving brackets loose enough to adjust to the holes in Hi-Lift Jack steel upright. Install Hi-Lift Jack back on mount bracket, slide mounting caps over carriage bolts, thread wing nuts and tighten.

Note about Hi-Lift Jack:

Hi-Lift should be installed nose up and the decal facing out to increase clearance and avoid exposure of moving parts to debris.

We are now equipped and ready for next years road trip with one more piece of equipment that we know we can trust and rely on for a multitude of different things that may come up in our travels on or off road. Got yours yet?

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